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Luxury Custom Homes

The biggest challenge in luxury custom home building is interpreting the approved design. A client may love the plans, but often end up disappointed in the result due to details lost in translation. This is a common problem for other builders. Not for us.


Every home building project encounters obstacles along the way, making it easy for contractors to deviate from the original design that captivated your imagination. We do not let this happen.

Our building partners are intimately involved throughout the process – from concept to completion – allowing us to spot issues that need addressing early on and work through them. This helps us keep the project running smoothly and accurately. Our difference is a relentless focus on making sure nothing gets lost in the translation. We turn the design you like into the custom home you love.

We create the perfect balance of charm, character and personality in every home we build.


Miranda & Hardt Contractors use environmentally friendly products and energy efficient processes in all our construction projects, saving money for our clients by using only the most reliable materials available. This includes geothermal heating and cooling systems, technology which taps into the earth’s natural energy to regulate the temperature in homes and buildings.

We use Energy Star appliances, efficient windows and doors, blown-in fiberglass insulation and roofing shingles that last 40 to 50 years. If you are interested in solar power, we offer photovoltaic panels and solar shingles that look like standard asphalt designs, boosting the aesthetics of your home or commercial building while you generate renewable energy. We can also consult you about the benefits of tank-less water heaters that deliver hot water on demand rather than storing it.


Our streamlined process saves time, contains costs, and gives you one point of contact that’s accountable for delivering results.

Early in the design process, we will review budgetary guidelines with you, and find a price you are comfortable with. Keeping your budget in mind, we will consult you on the options and offer feedback on how to keep the project as cost-efficient as possible. If we face a situation where the project is going to exceed your established budget, we will review the options with you right away and help you make an informed decision.


From the moment construction begins, you will always know what is going on. We consider open and consistent communication is a necessity for keeping projects on track and ensuring you have a stress-free experience. We will schedule periodic meetings with you to review interior and exterior finishing options, consult you on selections and deliver updates on the construction progress. This process will include scheduled “site walk-throughs” during key stages of construction. In addition, our site manager will email you once a week, outlining the work we accomplished on your site since the last report.

At Miranda & Hardt, we think of our clients as partners to collaborate with throughout the process. This ensures a pleasurable home building experience for you, while helping us complete the project on time, on budget and on par with our highest standards.

Our commitment to personalized service does not end when you move in, either. We will check in to make sure everything is functioning properly and that you are enjoying every aspect of your new home.

logo-transparentMiranda, Hardt & O’Leary Contracting upholds the highest standards of excellence in every project. That includes managing the work schedule and budget, as well as making sure you love the end result. Regardless of whether you need a luxury home or a commercial building, we will make sure it conforms to your vision with precision and accuracy.

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