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Reliable medications buy dapoxetine usa, Buy cialis with dapoxetine

Reliable medications buy dapoxetine usa, Buy cialis with dapoxetine

Co-founded by Mark Hardt and Frank Miranda in 1999, Miranda & Hardt upholds a commitment to design and building excellence, and client satisfaction.

Our co-founders, along with their newest partner John O’Leary, have decades of experience in providing high-end, luxury residential design and custom home building services. Our attention to detail is unmatched in Sussex County. We create the perfect balance of charm, character and personality in every home we build.

Reliable medications buy dapoxetine usa, Buy cialis with dapoxetine

Frank will be involved in your project from beginning to end – ensuring your process and budget stay on track. With more than 45 years of business experience, Frank puts his clients first and it shows. He was a highly successful entrepreneur in Bethany Beach before co-founding Miranda & Hardt Contractors, owning several TCBY franchises in the area. When he is not hard at work, you will find Frank traveling the globe or sitting on his dock watching the sunset.

Mark Hardt, Founding Partner

Mark prides himself on his design and engineering expertise, and his passion is giving back to the community. He serves on the board of Contractors for a Cause, raising money and awareness for families and organizations around Sussex County. Mark’s team spirit comes from his years of playing college lacrosse and football in the Midwest.

John O’Leary, Partner

You will see John on the job site, overseeing the crew building your dream house. His attention to detail will ensure your finished product is beyond what you imagined. Off site, you will find him fishing or surfing on the ocean.

logo-transparentMiranda, Hardt & O’Leary Contracting upholds the highest standards of excellence in every project. That includes managing the work schedule and budget, as well as making sure you love the end result. Regardless of whether you need a luxury home or a commercial building, we will make sure it conforms to your vision with precision and accuracy.

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